Clearing your head for website design: Great Motorcycling Roads in North America

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Clearing your head for website design: Great Motorcycling Roads in North America

As winter in Toronto begins to take its hiatus the anual emergence of motorcycles on our roadways begins to take shape. Bikes of all styles appear and those brave enough to endure the last grips of winter-to-spring temperatures come out in droves.

Designing a complex website can take a lot out of you and meeting those deadlines can add a mountain of stress in your life. You therefore need a way to blow off some steam and regather your faculties so that you can tackle the next project that will start the process all over again. Taking a motorcycle ride for the afternoon or a few days will do just this. There is little else that is more freeing for your whole being than cruising down a great motorcycle route and feeling the wind flow whip past your body. For those times when you need to get away to refocus here are some great motorcycling roads in North America.

Florida Panhandle to the Keys

Florida Panhandle to KeysAs the home of the large Bike Week in March there are plenty of great routes that you can take in Florida. Taking a ride down the US 98 east or the US 27 will give you some of the more less-traveled routes to enjoy a mind relaxing ride down, but for the best experience you have to start in Daytona and then jump on US 1 bearing south. Take this road through Miami to Key West for some of the wonders of nature. Visit http://www.motorcycle.com/events/florida-motorcycle-travel-destinations-88383.html for more information.

Alaska Highway

Although there are plenty of wildlife hazards, slow RVs and spotty road conditions to contend with, the rugged natural beauty makes this a must ride route. To begin your journey head to Haines and then head north, going through Canada, and you will link up with the Alaska Highway.  There are plenty of service stations and lodging available and if you get a chance stop in the town of Chicken for a taste of northern hospitality.

Great Smoky Mountains Area, Tennessee

Make sure that you have your bike in good working order with very good brakes as there are stretches to challenge even the most experienced riders; including the Deals Gap with 318 curves in an 11 mile stretch. Most people enjoy a nimble bike for these twists and turns but any bike will give you a great riding experience. If you get a chance, make a stop at Shady Valley, which boasts a biker friendly area and close to 500 curves in a 12 mile valley.

Wyoming to Sturgis, South Dakota

The iconic Black Hills rally is a spectacle that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Bikers from around the world head here every August for a biker party and some great riding. The routes around this area provide a number of sights including Wyoming’s Thunder Basin, Mouth Rushmore, and Devil’s Tower National Monument. With a seemingly endless open road you can be as close or removed from the group as you like.

Here is some more great info including photos and comments: http://www.motorcycleroads.com/75/674/Wyoming/Ride-the-Lasso-from-Sturgis-to-Devils-Tower.html

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Pacific Coast HighwayTaking the ride in either direction from Santa Monica to Leggett will take you by hundreds of miles of beautiful California coast scenery. Avoiding Los Angeles and San Francisco will help you to keep the relaxing pace and enjoy the open road. With far less twists and turns than previous routes, the Pacific Coast Highway is sure to melt away any thoughts of HTML or CSS, and recharge your mental energy.

Cabot Trail - Cape Breton Nova Scotia

This road is a gold mine in Canada. I actually saw a moose as I came upon a bend. For some reason I honestly thought that moose was only to be found in northern Ontario. Well, somewhat north! Whether travelling with a group or riding solo, this truely is an experience to be had. Reminds me of Great Ocean Road in Austrilia, which is a bit outside of North America but well worth the 24 hour flight time and bike rental.

Fork of The Credits - Near Orangeville Ontario

Fork of the Credits OntarioThis road seemed to be under construction forever, but it is a gem in our back yard. The road itself is not very long and I recommend stopping at the fork and going for a little hike. With lots of swooping bends and roller coaster type hills it is a nice road to please your senses. Be sure to chcek out the railroad near the top of the road and for sure stop for some ice cream!


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