Do People Really Care About Your Ugly Website Design?

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Do People Really Care About Your Ugly Website Design?

The old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” was to rebut our natural tendency to do just that by making assumptions based on appearances. Although it can get people into trouble, everyone still judges on appearances, even if it’s subconscious. Your website design is therefore needs to make a good initial impression on appearance and layout. With so much competition for the same goods or services you can’t afford to let a poor web design tarnish your brand and negatively impact your business. Finding a good website designer to help you layout your website and put relevant content up on the web will make a huge difference your overall brand impact.

The issue on aesthetics of website design is even being studied by and published by university students. In a recent study from Stanford University found that there are main factors that go into the design of a great website, but that credibility and trust are the main things that you should focus on. Making sure that you include all of the relevant components to link credibility with the appearance of your website should be your top priority. These factors include:

  • Real-world aspects: physical address, professional photos of staff, etc.
  • Ease of Use: caring enough about your customers’ experience to make it comfortable to navigate
  • Markers of Expertise: displaying any credentials and accomplishments, case studies or testimonials
  • Markers of Trust: transparency and factual information, honesty and keeping the promotional banners to a minimum
  • Individual User Experience: giving individual log-ins, allowing visitors to easily find what is relevant to them
  • Minimal Advertising: too much advertising damages credibility, but you will be able to get away with a few tasteful ads, make sure that they are all relevant though, work with a good website designer professional to determine just the right level
  • Mind the Design Details: misspellings and broken links are the two biggest things to watch out for, some others include outdated information, bad layout, and difficult navigation buttons

The ultimate goal of your website design, whether you use a website designer or not, is to allow it to build trust with your prospects and customers. Especially if you are selling directly on the website, you need to make sure that the user experience is pleasant visually as well as contextually. Even if you don’t want to hire a website designer to do all of the work, having an audit on your design by a professional website design GTA company, is recommended. They can help you to fully understand how all of the pieces fit together. Another great way to make sure that people like your web design look and feel is to get user feedback either through polls or by surveying friends and family.  Your website reflects your company to the outside world and making sure that it is properly designed and looks great is important to any successful business.

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