Five Great Mobile Apps for your Business

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Five Great Mobile Apps for your Business

Most business people are in a state of constant change and excel in a rapid-fire environment. It is rare that people get to settle into a routine anymore and between the meetings, luncheons, and travel people always seem to be away from their desks and computers. This is part of the reason that mobile devices have seen such an increase in use. The mobility and accessibility that mobile devices offer everyone is incredible and by using the appropriate mobile apps you can increase your productivity while on the go. Here are five great mobile apps to make your business life easier.

Receipt Management - Expensify

Most of the companies nowadays run a reimbursement style for business expenses. When you are travelling or just bustling in the city it is difficult to keep track of all of the paper receipts and expenses; keeping personal separate from business. Expensify is a great app that solves this problem. Using this app you can sync credit card transactions with receipts that you capture with your mobile device’s camera. It can also sync with QuickBooks and Google Docs, and it is free for an individual business user. Click here to go to Expensify.

Viewing and Collaborating on Documents and Presentations – Box.com

Keeping track of version of documents and viewing them on the go is something that can cause a lot of problems. By using box.com you can read the documents on the fly, add comments, and view changes that your team made all with the tap of a finger. No more waiting to view or make changes until you are in front of a computer. With box.com you can even view and track how much time or how many edits each document underwent for a particular project. Click here to go to Box.com.

Keeping track of Travel Details - TripIt

Instead of relying on the printed itinerary, using TripIt will allow you to have access to your full schedule while bouncing around the country. You can upload and store all of your flight, hotel, rental car, and meeting information and TripIt will plan a route for you. All of the information on the flights, travel time, directions between each of the stops. If anything happens to change all you have to do is forward your email to your TripIt email and the app will automatically adjust your itinerary. Click here to go to TripIt.

Notes for the details – Evernote

Ideas and innovative thoughts can happen at any moment and what used to require carrying a notepad around now can be accomplished with Evernote. Evernote is a simple yet powerful way to capture and organize all of your thoughts. Whether you prefer text, audio, video, or just web clippings, Evernote has got you covered. The best thing is that you can access all of these thoughts from any device either online or offline (if you have synced the database). View Evernote site here.

Project Management when you are out or Busy – Insight for Basecamp

Keeping on top of all of the ongoing collaborative projects can be time consuming and hectic if you aren’t organized; even if you stay in the office. Using software like Basecamp can keep all of your projects in line and working towards the milestones. When you are travelling or need to check the status you can use the companion app Insight to check up or comment on a particular project. One drawback is that you need an internet connection to use this app but that is becoming less and less of a problem every day. Check out Basecamp here.

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