The History of the Internet

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The History of the Internet

Recently, I posted on the subject of the Internet being a relatively new technology. Have you ever wondered how the Internet came to be? Well, here is a simple examination of the origins of the Internet.

Is it any surprise that the use of the Internet by millions of people to connect with each other, share ideas and to socially connect with each other gained its beginnings from the military? Like many projects the inception of the Internet began with the military.

1957: In 1957 the United State’s Department of Defence formed the Advanced Research Projects Agency for the purpose of becoming a leader in science and technology. ARPA was formed in response to the USSR's launch of the first satellite to leave Earth: Sputnik.

1962: During this year, the United States had some legitimate concerns of nuclear attacks on its homeland. The Soviet Union was building missile installations in Cuba with an intent of providing nuclear missiles which led to some very tense negotiations between the US and USSR. The Cuba Missile Crisis led to a very dangerous encounter that led both sides of the Cold War conceding to demands and ended with the Soviet Union dismantling the installations and the US assurance that they would not invade Cuba. The US Air Force wanted to know if there ever was a nuclear attack on its homeland they would be able to maintain control of their nuclear armament and bombers. In order to control their assets they would need a network that they could access in different locations around the US for a counter-attack.

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