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Hi, and welcome to The Creation Studio, where you can get a great website, great service at a fair price! This is my new blog.

Like so many around the globe, I have decided to start a blog - short for Web Log. This online trend of adding stories and ideas in chronological order sort of began as online diaries of sort. People posted stories, sometimes daily, of their lives for family and friends to read. What began as a personal trend from 1994 turned into an online phenomenon  whereby millions of people caught onto the idea of posting their thoughts online. No longer is Blogging just for individuals. Businesses are also catching on to the idea. So, here I am!

One of the services that I had to consider as a web designer in the Kitchener, Waterloo and Owen Sound area is offering the ability for clients to add their own blogging abilty for their sites. It is all part of the Web 2.0 standards that are now reality in web design. I plan to write further about this standard that is now a part of the Internet in another blog entry.

Well, this has been a great year for me at The Creation Studio. I have had the chance to work with some really awesome clients, implement some really neat websites, host some more really well designed websites, and meet some spectacular people. One of the neat projects that I have had the opportunity of doing is for a family in the Cambridge area. This guy contacted me through my online form and asked if I would design a website for his wife. He wanted to present this site to his wife as a Christmas present, and being recently married myself, I thought this was a great present! I knocked off a couple thousand dollars off the price, and had the site up and running within a couple of days. What a great idea for a Christmas present: a website designed for a spouse's small business. Welcome Mark to the family of people who chose to have their website developed by The Creation Studio!

I look forward to offering website design to the businesses and families of Ontario and the rest of the world in 2009!

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