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This writeup in my blog examines the Internet and websites as being relatively new technologies.

Thirteen years ago In 1994 Yahoo had launched its website. During that year, Google, EBay or Amazon was not even heard of. These sites did not exist in 1994. So, what did websites look like in 1994? Most were text based and void of images. I loaded my first video game on a state-of -the-art DX2-66 with eleven floppy disks that held only 1.7mb of data. Now video games come on DVD because the amount of data for video games is enormous. The type of computer I had at that time may not mean much to most, but it had a 40 megabyte hard drive and that was considered huge. Now, I own a 350 gigabyte hard drive.

How times have changed! What was Internet Banking? And did Tim Horton's use a Timmy Pass or MasterCard for food purchases? No way! They are just starting. So, what is my point? My thought is that the Internet and websites are still relatively new technologies in relation to what we think of stable and secure. Think of the Ford Motor Company or Haley Davidson or Bell Canada. These are companies, although evolving for the better or worst, have been in existence for quite some time. They have had lots of time to shape and reshape their business models, way of doing things and identification of their target markets along with their product line. They have had lots of Research and Development that they invest in to perfect their products.

I think that there has never been such a reshaping of the world since the Industrial Revolution as there has been with the advent of the Internet and the technologies that are shaped around it (or the technologies that shaped it). Think about it. Our lives are impacted from these technologies. There was a day when people actually had to wait in line at the bank to actually speak to a real person. And this was not that long ago. Like it or hate it, we are surrounded by technology that has reshaped or helped define what our world looks like today. Businesses are not immune to this technology. People like finding out about a business from home. They want to know about a company before they step out of the door of their home. They want to know what services that business offers, they want to know about any promotions the company has to offer and they want to shop and compare business without having to drive around town to compare. Of course, my wife may make the argument that there is nothing like going downtown and popping into store after store to browse and shop!

The point is that companies now, more than ten years ago, benefit from having an online presence. Good, functional,user-friendly websites are an important new tool to offer your customers access to your company. I will be writing about what makes a website a good, functional and user-friendly web site in the upcoming months.

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