Thinking of starting a web design business from your basement? You may want to think again

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Thinking of starting a web design business from your basement? You may want to think again

When it comes to modern technology that has literally revolutionized the entire world, one of the first examples that immediately springs to mind is that of the internet. The internet has literally changed not only the way we do business, but also the way day to day life functions as a whole, which is why so many people are looking to take advantage of this and get into some form of I.T based work. We all know just how beneficial a strong online presence can be for businesses, which is why so many of them are hiring professional web design firms and developers to create fantastic websites for them to not only help increase their profits, but to also help market their company and products, and make day to day life easier and more productive in the process. The problem however, is that more and more people are trying to get in on the act, and are having wild and outrageous ideas like starting a web design business from their own basements. This is an extremely bad idea for a number of reasons, so here are just a few. 

Why starting a web design business from your basement is such a bad idea

So, you’re thinking of becoming a web developer, eh? All you need is a computer to act as a server in your basement, a few basic I.T skills and qualifications, a few clients, charge them a few bucks to set up a CMS and buy a theme, and host them from your basement server with a power surge cord, and make a million by next year? Sounds pretty good, right? Wrong! Sure on paper it all looks and sounds pretty simple at first glance, but in reality things are never that black and white, and unfortunately this is especially true with these types of “businesses”. Here’s a look at just a few of the main reasons why starting a web design business from your basement simply will not work: 

The competition is fierce – Web design is an absolutely vital component for any business model, and because of that, skilled and experienced web design companies are popping up all over the place. Many of these companies are extremely professional, they have a number of employees working for them, they have access to the best pieces of technology and software, and quite frankly they’re great at what they do, and they have the funds to back things up. Then there’s you, working from your basement, with your one measly computer, with nobody to help you out when things go wrong, and with technology, one thing’s for sure, and that is the fact that things will go wrong. You may luck out at first and land a few clients, and do reasonably well, but as soon as things go wrong, they’ll look elsewhere, they’ll warn others to stay clear of you, and you’ll be back to square one. 

Primitive equipment – The main thing that will lead to your downfall however, will be your lack of equipment and technology, which when compared with that possessed by the experts, will appear primitive in comparison. Your server for example, is no good in your basement, it needs to be located in a world class data facility, which offers biometric security, and protection against natural disasters and adverse conditions. All it would take would be for your home to lose power during a storm or just generally poor weather conditions, and boom, you’re in real trouble. Also, suppose somebody were to break into your basement and take your “server” computer? We hope it never happens, but it’s a real possibility. What if your basement floods? All of these possibilities are very real, and could potentially ruin you before you’re even up and running. 

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