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When we become IT - One Step Closer to AI

There are some who believe that artificial intelligence will involve creating a new intelligence and that intelligence will be housed in robotics. But what happens when we take the opposite idea and that we become the robotic mechanism that our brain exists in?

Okay, this seems far stretched and into the realm of futuristic science fiction, but we are developing technologies at such a rapid pace and our obsession with being linked into this technology is advancing. A new project by Dan Morris and Desney Tan, both of Microsoft Research and Chris Harrison of Carnegie Mellon University is being conducted, which is called Skinput.

Skinput is a tiny projection device that is attached to a person's arm that projects an image of a keypad or menu onto the user's arm or palm. This armband contains a sonic sensor that is able to sense the exact input response through sonic waves. When a person taps a certain area on their body, it emits a specific sound wave based on bone density, tissue location etc.

The software picks this up, and Bluetooth technology transmits the responses back to the device such as a cell phone. Why you would want the application in the first place is beyond me, but certainly the technology is just another step to another useful application and we get closer and closer to how the world will look in 100 years. Who knows what that looks like, but I guess we will find out then. Well, mabey not me.

So, what does this have to do with website design? Well, in 100 years from now, the Internet will not exist in its current form, and we will not be interacting with websites in the same way. In fact, I believe that the business of web development will be so drastically different, people will wonder why web developers did what they do now. Same way people wonder how our grandparents or great grandparents ever could have gotten along without cars. Technology is changing!

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