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Although there is no definitive way to make sure that a video goes viral online there are definitely a few concepts that people have found by dissecting the videos that have done just that. These tips lean on basic psychological principles that advertisers have been using for years and then leverage them through diffusion of innovation to accumulate a critical mass. Once there is a critical mass than the video’s views are self-sustaining and the only thing that really takes the video off of the pedestal is another video that supplants it.
A lot of people are overwhelmed by the concept of developing and implementing a content strategy for their website. The thought of doing something different and putting yourself out there to market your product or service can be very challenging if you don’t have a framework for this strategy. A widely used approach that will help build this framework for you is known for focusing on the people, the process, and the available technologies.
With the increasing use of mobile devices and the possible introduction of Google Glass 2013 is poised to change web design practices dramatically. Although it is difficult to predict where the future of our interactions with mobile devices will play out, reflecting on the possibilities will shed some light on the trends to watch out for in the years to come. Having the ability to reach people on all of the various devices from smart phones to smart televisions is an amazing feature of our integration with technology, but this leads to several website design requirements and techniques that need to be employed to ensure that your web presence and brand are uniformly represented. All of the trends seem to be converging or pivoting on a few key principles: valuable content, user experience (UX) centered and simplicity.
If you were to do a search for a “website design” or “web design company”, you would be met with millions of matches. There are many great web design companies but your chances of working with one at random are not very good, so you should take the time to qualify the website designers or companies before deciding which one to use. Making sure that you hire a reliable and skilled website designer will make sure that your project comes in on time and to the specifications that you require.
Designing a complex website can take a lot out of you and meeting those deadlines can add a mountain of stress in your life. You therefore need a way to blow off some steam and regather your faculties so that you can tackle the next project that will start the process all over again. Taking a motorcycle ride for the afternoon or a few days will do just this.
The old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” was to rebut our natural tendency to do just that by making assumptions based on appearances. Although it can get people into trouble, everyone still judges on appearances, even if it’s subconscious. Your website design is therefore needs to make a good initial impression on appearance and layout. With so much competition for the same goods or services you can’t afford to let a poor web design tarnish your brand and negatively impact your business. Finding a good website designer to help you layout your website and put relevant content up on the web will make a huge difference your overall brand impact.
Most of the larger companies target users from all over the world, and the internet allows for this to happen effortlessly. But the majority of companies only do business locally and need to improve their only presence to attract their local customers that are online. There are a number of ways that this can be accomplished and by teaming up with a great website designer or website design company you can increase your local search engine optimization (SEO) and reach these people.
Google Glass is still in a beta testing state, but from the videos that are circulating around the web it poses much discussion around website design. As everyone tries to guess how this will play out there are a few themes and major thoughts that are emerging. The major concept that is being discussed is the minimal amount of information that can be displayed on the glass itself and the subsequent need to integrate with a mobile device for a richer user experience.
Most business people are in a state of constant change and excel in a rapid-fire environment. It is rare that people get to settle into a routine anymore and between the meetings, luncheons, and travel people always seem to be away from their desks and computers. This is part of the reason that mobile devices have seen such an increase in use.
As the growing trend of people using mobile devices to access the internet continues to increase it is paramount that you take advantage of this opportunity.